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    XVI Latorre


    XVI Latorre is the first pro-environment Diamond Jewelry line for women of every generation.

    Made with only quality XVI-M Lab-grown Moissanite, XVI Latorre is a ground-breaking diamond jewellery line that enhances the natural beauty of every woman—in every phase of life.

    Created by a team who became aware of the cost of the diamond industry, XVI Latorre brings the revolutionary idea of Looking fabulous without costing the earth or your pocket.

    The XVI Latorre

    Like our founders, two lovers, we reject the message that women are less due to the status symbol of having the 'perfect' diamond ring. Instead, we believe that women should have the ability to have exactly what they want without damaging the earth or their pocket.

    Where did that idea come from?

    In our society, women are often led to believe that our value comes from how much money was spent on our diamond jewellery. If you have an expensive or large diamond, you will be more valued.

    The time when we’re socially accepted the most is when the value of our Diamond Jewellery is quite high. Where did that idea come from? It was due to targeted marketing campaigns in the 1900's from companies that exploited and ravaged the lands that diamonds came from. These companies also held back the supply of the Diamonds to make them seem 'rare' to inflate the price when in actual fact they are quite abundant.

    But that was a hundred years ago! Yet, we’re still walking around thinking our value comes from an expensive mined diamond.

    Our value is abundant. Our self worth is, too. Here at XVI Latorre, we believe that you are unique and beautiful at every stage of your life no matter what you can afford. We encourage you to see yourself that way too.


    The Pro-
    Diamond Revolution

    Our society is inundated with messages about women and status, and all of these negative messages perpetuate the same myth: that we are not worthy unless we have more then the next women.

    This myth makes many companies a lot of money. All those folks selling “Mined Diamonds” — they all profit handsomely from our feelings of insecurity about social status so they charge insane prices.

    That’s why we are Pro-Environment, not Anti-Diamond.

    At XVI Latorre, we are committed to undoing the damaging myths we all carry about social status and encouraging each other to start living our truth—that no matter what stage of your life you are at, you deserve a beautiful diamond that shouldn't have to cost the earth or your pocket.

    That is what the Pro-Environment Revolution is about. Our founders, created this worldwide movement to encourage women to recognize their own value and see that we are all worthy, exactly the way that we are.

    At XVI Latorre, we are building a global community of women who are part of the Pro-Environment Revolution. We are creating a larger cultural understanding that as we let go of societal norms we become happier, healthier, wiser and more authentically ourselves.

    Pro-Environment Diamond Jewellery, designed For Any Budget.

    Our philosophy has inspired us to create an entire line of pro-Environment Jewellery to bring out a woman’s natural beauty at every stage of life.

    Thousands of women wear our XVI-M™ Lab Grown Moissanite Diamonds to highlight the commitment they have made to the environment and the communities ravaged by the mined diamond industry.

    Our line of Moissanite Diamonds bring out your natural radiance in every stage of life. 

    All our products echo our pro-environment philosophy of health, happiness, vitality, well-being and self-love at every stage. To learn more, visit our store