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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why should I shop with XVI Latorre?

    When you make a purchase with XVI Latorre, we want it to be the best experience possible. That’s why our commitment is always towards giving quality service and value for money - no matter what type of fine Moissanite diamond jewellery that might concern! We have introduced new services which will leave your online shopping stress free (and rewarding)

    Moissanite diamonds are a type of synthetic diamond created in a laboratory. They are made from silicon carbide and have properties that are very similar to natural diamonds, but they are typically less expensive. Moissanite diamonds are a popular alternative to traditional diamonds for engagement rings and other jewellery.

    Moissanite is a high-quality gemstone that offers excellent optical properties. It has a similar appearance to diamond, but is available at a fraction of the price. Moissanite is the perfect choice for an engagement ring, as its seductive beauty and exceptional value are sure to impress.

    There are many reasons why Moissanite is a better choice than Diamond.

    Moissanite is more beautiful than a diamond because it has more brilliance, fire and lustre. These qualities make a jewel beautiful.

    Moissanite is just as durable than Diamond, meaning it is less likely to scratch or break. In addition, Moissanite does not have the negative environmental impact that Diamonds do. Lastly, Moissanite typically costs significantly less than Diamonds of comparable quality.

    Yes! Moissanite will test positive on a diamond tester that uses thermal conductivity! that's how similar it is to traditional diamonds!

    No! Moissanite is an incredible gemstone that has become popular because of its beauty and durability. It's more vibrant than a diamond, but not so much as to be considered fake - it still maintains the traditional sparkly look you love from jewelry made with Diamonds. In fact Moissanite is so similar to mined diamonds that the human eye can not tell the difference!

    Moissanite is an amazing stone that never changes its appearance or becomes cloudy. It will always be as beautiful as it was when you first got the ring!

    XVI Latorre


    At XVI Latorre, each product is a masterpiece, handcrafted by skilled artisans using only premium materials like pure gold and triple-layered platinum/rhodium/18K gold plated 925 silver.

    Our commitment to quality means every item is custom-made, undergoing several meticulous stages including cutting, polishing, and setting. This ensures that each piece is not only of exceptional quality but also uniquely yours.

    We recognize the anticipation that comes with waiting for a handcrafted item. Rest assured, the additional time dedicated to crafting your piece is integral to achieving perfection. For an estimated delivery timeline, please refer to the completion and dispatch times we provide.

    Standard Delivery Details:

    • Delivery Fee: Currently complimentary (regularly $15.00 AUD within Australia and $43.00 AUD internationally).
    • Crafting Time: Around 7-12 business days for completion and dispatch.
    • Worldwide Shipping: Approximately 7-10 business days from dispatch.
    • Note: Delivery times may vary, especially during peak periods around Valentine's Day and major holidays.

    XVI Latorre partners with leading courier and postal services globally to ensure safe and timely delivery, typically during standard business hours (Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm). Should you need updated tracking information, our online support chat is always available to assist.

    Please be aware that these timelines are estimates and may be influenced by factors such as material availability, order volume, and shipping destinations. For any queries about your order's estimated delivery date, our customer support team is here to help via our website chat.

    Due to the high demand for our handcrafted products and the fact that they are dispatched from various locations across more than five countries, specific delivery dates cannot be guaranteed. We also cannot offer refunds for shipping delays. Sometimes, factors beyond our control may affect transit times.

    Important: Shipping times listed on individual product pages are only indicative. This shipping policy supersedes any other shipping information found on our website.