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    Identical to mined
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    Identical to mined diamonds
    Identical to mined diamonds
    30 Day Money Back Guarantee
    30 Day Money Back Guarantee
    99% Cheaper Than Diamond
    99% Cheaper Than Diamond
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    Free Shipping Worldwide
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    Lab Grown Not Mined

    Lab Grown Luxury Meets Affordability

    Because Everyone Deserves To Sparkle

    Lab Grown Luxury Meets Affordability

    Because Everyone Deserves To Sparkle

    Introducing XVI Latorre:

    At XVI Latorre, we're driven by the conviction that luxury should not be an exclusive privilege. We are dedicated to infusing moments of love and joy with our meticulously crafted lab-grown diamond and moissanite rings.

    Harnessing avant-garde technology, we sculpt magnificent lab-grown diamonds and Moissanite. And by sidestepping the conventional routes, we ensure that the luxury you seek is delivered without the premium price.

    Become part of our esteemed community: Thousands of patrons from 150 nations, each cherishing the allure of affordable elegance found exclusively at XVI Latorre.

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    Why buy from us ?

    1. Celebrate love without spending your hard earned life savings.
    With XVI Latorre, you can indulge in luxury and find an affordable diamond alternative that looks identical.

    2. Show off the carat size you really wanted!
    Enjoy that glamorous feeling of having everyone in the room jaw-dropped over the size of the rock on your finger.

    3. Over 100+ 5 Star Reviews.
    with thousands of happy customers & 10+ years of experience in the industry, you know you can trust us.

    4. Many styles to chose from.
    Never settle for one style, you can mix & match styles and sets because of how affordable our items are.

    5. The Perfect Gift.
    Whether you are buying for someone else or for yourself, treat yourself to immense luxury.

    what our clients say

    So happy with my experience with XVI Latorre! Their customer support and professionalism is second to none. Really happy with how my custom ring turned out.

    I saved a lot of money by purchasing with them that i was able to put towards my first home with hubby.


    Esmeralda H

    Los Angeles, CA

    This was a no brainer decision for me. No one can tell the difference between my XVI-M lab grown diamond ring and a traditional Diamond. I'm quite conscience of my impact on mother nature, and supporting mined diamonds is not something I wanted to do. I saved a ton money that I put towards travelling for my honeymoon :) extremely happy!


    Cindy E

    Sydney, NSW

    Love it! I received my 3 Carat VVS1 rock on 18K white gold and it is amazing! The amount of money I saved by going for a XVI-M ring is massive. I would have had to save for 8 years on my current income to be able to afford a real diamond ring with this size and clarity. I was able to buy this within 2 months that's how much cheaper it is! The best part is no one can tell the difference. extremely happy!


    Janet S

    San Francisco, CA

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